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Building the Shopify website for a new brand in the Mars-Wrigley portfolio.

Positive Fruit Co was an exciting new brand from Mars-Wrigley, that used the goodness of fruit plus simple plant ingredients to create easy-to-eat pouches in a range of fruit blend flavours ranging from Raspberry Blueberry to Mango Banana. Mars-Wrigley came to Stack to design and develop the vibrant, action-oriented Shopify website for the launch of this fun new brand. The one key takeaway? That long-running client partnerships are what this business is all about. The successful launch of this website led to 2 major additional projects with 2 other Mars-Wrigely brands: the design and development of a Shopify website for Celebrations (UK), and a gauntlet of paid advertising creative, landing pages, website updates, and video ads for CocoaVia (US).

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