Stuart Thursby //
Creative Director

Creative Direction

Breadth and depth of experience in building and leading multidisciplinary and creative teams across pretty much every agency scale—including founding my own.

Art Direction

15+ years spent art directing the hell out of everything from favicons to websites to brand identities to 360º campaigns—with a particular focus on digital and web.


Ideas are only as good as the craft with which they're executed, and I've blended the thinking and the tactics of UX, UI, and Graphic Design throughout my career.

My Deepest Creative Belief

Some people just want to watch the world kern.

And I am one of those people.

I’m a Creative Director with an Art Direction and Design bent, based in Toronto, Canada. I have a breadth and depth of experience building and leading multi-disciplinary teams, alongside rolling up my sleeves and getting the creative work done.

My deepest expertise lies in digital (websites, campaigns, and CRM) and advertising, although my firm belief is that the best creative work comes from the interplay of business and creative strategy, smart ideas, and seamless execution—across all channels and project types.

About Me

A little about where I've worked, what I've done, where I've taught, awards won and judged, and the like.

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Creative Thinking

Writing aloud on my creative philosophy, agency practices and services, and the wild, wacky, and wonderful creative business we're all in.

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